We believe that an iterative design process and a thoughtful plan can unlock success for builders and founders.


We’ve spent our careers referring to methodologies in books and blogs, running design sprints, testing ideas, and prioritizing in spreadsheets to get to a more precise direction to build towards.

We’ve learned that the right framework can help harness unstructured creativity and frenetic start-up energy. It clarifies priorities and direction for the broader team and helps contextualize what you’re building and why. We find this to be foundational for creating great products that people want to use and pay for.

We’ve found that product managers, designers, developers, founders, and other builder types often have difficulty contextualizing what they are building and why across teams. We decided to make a set of practical and rational software tools for builders and founders to think, assess, decide, communicate, and build with confidence.

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We’ve spent years building software products for start-ups, growth-stage companies, agencies, and our product studio, The Combination Rule (TCR).

We’re builders and founders first. We’ve felt the pain of not being able to answer “why” deeply enough and the subsequent lack of market context, need validation, and planning that impacts building. Our DNA is product management and design and we embrace how the pragmatism of one side orients and contextualizes the other’s energy, focus, and creativity. 

Give Foundations, our software for building better products, a try and let us know if the tools help you validate your ideas with market and user insights and align your team to execute.  


Jenny Cox


Jenny is an experienced product leader with over 15 years building products, platforms, and businesses. A decade in NYC start-ups she enabled two growth stage software companies to pursue liquidity events (AppNexus acquired by AT&T and ideeli acquired by Groupon). Jenny specializes in testing, launching, and scaling products and marketplaces, using clearly defined data signals and business metrics to define and measure success. Prior to start-up world she was a Strategy & Operations consultant at Deloitte.

Joshua Lang


Josh is a product and brand designer with over a decade of in house and industry experience. Josh is the creative lead behind the original Oscar Health platform, brand, and design team. Josh has also worked with Nike, R/GA, and Code and Theory on digital platforms, as well as teaching Digital Interaction Design to students at the School for Visual Arts in New York. Josh specializes in high-quality digital product and brand design that drives measurable business outcomes.

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