Test your ideas before you build them. Build with Foundations: Tests.

Start with the problem.

Frame your product ideas for a target audience. Don’t build without the who and what.

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Dump all your product ideas in one place.

Brainstorm, edit, and refine in one place. Don’t jump from tool to tool for capturing testable ideas.

Group and translate

Group your product ideas into themes. Translate them into human speak that connects your product idea and target audience. Don’t just test anything.

Quickly test with the right audience.

Get your ideas in front of real users. Don’t build before you validate.

Analyze your results and make decisions.

See who has the problem you’re trying to solve and how many people value the solution you’re offering. Don’t guess.

More problems do more tests. Repeat until you find your signal.

Validate and invalidate your ideas to keep narrowing into what users really want. Don’t lose momentum (and ideas) by shifting tools.

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